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Trying our magnetic therapy jewelry will give you pain relief or you will receive a refund.  Our magnets help reduce pain and stiffness without the side effects associated with conventional drugs.


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Magnetic Necklaces Help Manage Diabetes I am diabetic and have been using insulin to control my diabetes for almost four years. Last year my wife bought me a magjewl necklace [ more]

— Brian Peebles Blackfalds, AB. May 12, 2007 Read testimonials
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A proven therapuetic remedy for many ailments like...

NATURAL magnets,
hand crafted in BC from South African Magnetite
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A couple of years ago there was the Clelebrex/Voix scare, my husband has a bad heart so he had to get off his medication. He did his homework and found that the magnetic jewelry that we now sell is supposed to be the best in magnetic therapy. He bought himself a bracelet and he has not taken Clelebrex since. Furthermore, the relief that the magnetite has given him has allowed the mobility he needs in order to make all of the jewelry. He simply couldn’t have done this kind of task without the magnetic therapy, and there is no way that medication would have had the same effect…

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