You have nothing to lose, but the pain...

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Trying our therapeutic jewelry will give you pain relief or you will receive a refund.  Our products help reduce pain and stiffness without the side effects associated with conventional drugs.  After experiencing the benefits for themselves many of our customers wish to offer this gift to their friends and loved ones.  

Our limited time price reduction gives you an opportunity to make this purchase!  Many people enjoy the comfort and style of wearing one around their wrist or neck.  It is an easy conversation starter that new users often enjoy.  The more seasoned wearer or the fashion conscious might want an inconspicuous anklet so they can benefit while not advertising their choice.

Let each tiny magnet in the strand works its little magic and give you the relief you deserve!



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My husband and I were traveling in Arizona over the 4th of July and came upon a jewelry stand that was displaying these types of Magnetic Therapy bracelets. The gentleman […read more]

— Blessed and Thankful, Deitria Clark Read testimonials
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A proven therapuetic remedy for many ailments like...

Hand crafted in BC from
Only the highest quality
South African Magnetite
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We have experienced the benefits ourselves...

A couple of years ago there was the Celebrex/Vioxx scare, my husband has a bad heart so he had to get off his medication. He did his homework and found that the magnetic jewelry that we now sell is supposed to provide the best therapy. He bought himself a bracelet and he has not taken Celebrex since. Furthermore, the relief that the magnetite has given him has allowed the mobility he needs in order to make all of the jewelry. He simply couldn’t have done this kind of task without this therapy, and there is no way that medication would have had the same effect…

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