Our Story

len-and-wanda-010We sell magnetic jewelry because we believe in the value of magnetic therapy for pain relief, from our own personal experiences.

A couple of years ago there was the Clelebrex/Voix scare, Len has a bad heart so he had to get off his medication. He did his homework and found that the magnetic jewelry that we now sell is supposed to be the best in magnetic therapy. He bought himself a bracelet and he hasn’t taken Clelebrex since. Furthermore, the relief that the magnetite has given him has allowed the mobility he needs in order to make all of the jewelry. He simply couldn’t have done this kind of task without the magnetic therapy, and there is no way that medication would have had the same effect.

When he was buying his, he asked me if I wanted one. I told him no, I really didn’t believe in that kind of stuff. However I bought one for a friend that was house sitting for us. She get migraines. I put the necklace on my neck so I didn’t have to carry it around with me and forgot about it when I went to bed. That was the first night that I slept through the night in probably 20 years. I sleep a good, solid sleep at least 6 nights a week. This is great considering that I was sleeping zero nights a week.

I have had operations on both my knees so when traveling, my husband would have to stop every hour or so as my knees would ache so bad I would have to get out and move around for a couple of minutes. About 3 weeks after wearing the magnetic jewelry we went on a trip and after 3 hours he asked me if I didn’t have to stop. I just looked at him and said why would I want to do that. He asked if my knees were sore. Until he said that I had forgotten about the pain because it just wasn’t there anymore. We brought some jewelry back for friends and family that we knew could use magnetic therapy and word just spread about how well the magnetic jewelry worked. We could not turn people away when we knew there was something out there that could help them at a price that everyone can afford.

Our magnetic anklets, bracelets and necklaces bring pain relief as well as provide therapy for all kinds of other ailments.

—Len and Wanda Toepfer