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      May 2015, my mom and I stopped by your booth at the Kelowna Farmers Market. We each purchased a bracelet from you, and my life has changed ever since. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis in March 2014, having extreme pain in my hands, and other joints. I was taking Methotrexate injections 1/week and Hydroxychloroquine pills x 2/day. After I wore your bracelet for even a day, my hands were not swollen, my joints and bones did not hurt. I hope people can find out how powerful they are, and how they do relieve pain and suffering from excruciating ailments.

—Janice, BC

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We aren’t just sellers but also the beneficiaries of magnetic therapeutic jewelry. After tapering down on Celebrex/Vioxx because of a bad heart I(Len) did my own research and decided to try some magnetite jewelry as an effective therapy. I have not needed Celebrex since I started wearing my magnetic bracelet. It has provided me great pain relief. Now I have so much mobility that I can make all the products I sells. Without magnetic therapeutic jewelry I could not have done the tasks I am doing today even if I had continued to take the medication I was prescribed.  

—-Len and Wanda

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