Therapeutic Uses

Therapeutic Uses

Magnetic therapy is an alternative medicine practice; the therapeutic magnetic jewelry creates the magnetostatic fields interacting with the body and improves blood flow to have beneficial health effects.

Long before the evidence-based medicine, the use of magnetic energy for healing can be traced back to thousands of years. Documentation discovered and verified, explains that doctors of Chinese origin believed in and were extensively using magnets in their healing practices far beyond 2000 -3000 years ago.

During the early through middle decades of the 20th century, therapeutic applications became more common in Japan. A famous acupuncturist, (Yoshio Manaka) used acupuncture and magnets in conjunction. An application was also introduced to bandages and plaster casts. The application of as series of small beads was to relieve aches and pains particularly among the elderly. This therapy has been very popular in the Japanese culture for centuries.

The treatment has primarily entered public awareness in North America, stimulated though tennis players, golfers and sports enthusiasts boasting the positive affects used in treatment of sports-related symptoms and injuries. Magnetic jewelry for knee, wrist, elbow, shoulder, and ankle are have been made available. There are a vast number of magnetite products available to the general public. There are countless testimonials of positive, marked healing results experienced by those who use it. The benefits reported by individual users are quite vast and diversified with little or no negative side affects ever being reported.

The enthusiasm surrounding the positive effects to promote healing has been accelerating through written testimonials, social media and word of mouth. Moreover, there are currently numerous studies being performed in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. As the positive affects of this treatment become more widely known and the areas of healing become more apparent that a naturopathic approach to the use of this will flourish.

The famous study conducted by Baylor College of Medicine in United States, patients who have chronic pain reported less pain after only 45 minutes of magnetic therapy.

Len Teopfer.

Some current areas of testing involve, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, Surgery support, Osteoarthritis, Allergies, Migraine headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Colitis, Cramps, Earaches, Tinnitus, Frozen shoulder, Insomnia, Menstrual cramps, Tendonitis, Tennis Elbow, Joint pain, Asthma, Acne, High Blood Pressure, Bursitis and more.

Even though the current modern scientific research and test results using this program is not vast, the results and findings from the wide range of tests clearly show increased positive results discovered and experienced. Coupled with historic records dating back thousands of years, this technology can in many cases greatly reduce and perhaps even eliminate the need for potentially dangerous medications.

The critical factor to decide the effect of magnetic therapy would be the quality of magnetite. To make sure our products could meet all the health and wellness needs from our customers, we only use the best mineral sourced from South Africa and Brazil to make each bead; furthermore, each batch is also checked if the magnetic field strength is effective enough to make the therapeutic jewelry.
If you are looking for the alternative solution for your pain, therapeutic magnetic jewelry that is easy, harmless, and affordable would be your best choice.