Care Instructions

We sell magnetic jewelry because we believe in the value of magnetic therapy for pain relief, from our own personal experiences.

How to Take Care of Magnetic Jewelry

To keep your Magjewl magnetic jewelry in tip-top shape we recommend that you treat the exposed ends of the magnetized jewelry clasps with a once-a-week a damp soft cloth followed by a light dab of olive or grape seed oil rub. To keep the magnetic jewelry stones themselves clean simply clean them in warm water with a drop of dish soap  once a month.

If the ends of your jewelry become corroded, use a nail file to clean off the corrosion, wipe the filings with a damp paper towel and use a coat of clear nail polish. “DO NOT PUT TOGETHER UNTIL DRY.”

field lines demonstrated by metal filings

Health and Safety Instructions

We are often put into an unusual position when asked to discuss the health and safety of our therapy jewelry. The conclusion we reach is that there are no known negative side affects only positive ones.  This is largely the case regardless of whether the magnetic therapy jewelry item is worn around the wrist, ankle, neck or even as earrings. There are also no suggested time limitations for how long this magnetic therapy jewelry can be worn.

It has been discovered through hundreds of years of trials to be safe for both human and animal needs.  Magnetic Therapy Jewelry proves primarily effective for internal physical body aches and other painful bodily conditions.  It does not require any injections or the use of internal drugs or skin lotions.  Magnetic Therapy Jewelry is likely the least intrusive forms of pain reduction and control that can be used. Unlike many powerful drugs, there are no side affects, risk or addiction potential.

Although Magnetic Therapy Jewelry is perfectly safe to use under all normal applications, we recommend that the following people avoid use unless instructed by a doctor:

  1. Anyone with an electrical implant, like a pacemaker or an insulin pump.  These electronic devices may have some electro magnetic field interactions causing unexpected outcomes.
  2. Women who are pregnant or nursing should also not use our products.  Infant physiology is more sensitive than in adulthood and so caution should be exercised.
  3. In or near any electrical implants.  Examples of this are identification chips in dogs and small monitoring implants.

Daily usage of this jewelry is however recommended. Items should not be worn tight to the skin because they will pop off.  Having clothing or other materials in between will limit the effectiveness and range.  It is safe and acceptable and recommended to wear your magnetic Jewelry while sleeping.

It is not recommended to wear these pieces while in water.  Although it is safe for the user, the magnetic jewelry my be lost while swimming, the pieces may undergo damage due to salts, chemicals and other aqueous corrosion factors. Using care Magnetite Therapy Jewelry will last a life time. The beads are mined cut and polished magnetite from Africa and strands are made of the highest quality mono-film material available.

The Magnetite beads should not be kept near credit cards, videos, computers, cell phones or other electrical appliances.  The magnetic field may interfere with these items.  Storage of your Magnetite Jewelry should not be in close proximity of electronic items.


Additional care instructions

Care of these items is similar to any other precious jewelry. Wrapped in dry soft cloth on their own is best. If they become wet they should be promptly dried off. Cleaning can be done by wiping with any damp soft cloth.  No chemicals are needed or desired for this process.  None of our Magnetic bracelets or jewelry use copper which can leave an unwanted green stain on skin or clothing.  Due to normal human perspiration and salt the beads can sometimes start to turn slightly red from corrosion.  This can be remedied as described above and will not impact the effectiveness of the therapy Jewelry.

In this video Len demonstrates the flexibility of wearing the triple strand piece as both bracelet and necklace.  Please continue to shop and browse our great selection of products here at MagJewl.